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Solar Pool & Spa Heaters

Solar Pool & Spa Heaters are a great way to heat your swimming pool or spa using Arizona’s abundant sunshine! When compared to gas or electric, a quality solar pool heating system is cost effective to own and operate for both in ground and above ground swimming pools and spas. Find out today how you can take advantage of the solar incentives that apply to residential installed solar pool heaters. Let us show you just how much solar can save.

… but is solar pool heating right for me?

Most Arizona homes with swimming pools and spas are adequately suited for a solar pool heater installation, but some are not. With over 30 years of experience in Tucson, we know what questions to ask and the right answers you’ll need to make that decision. If your swimming pool is used to ‘beat the heat’ with a cool after-work dip or to enjoy family gatherings on weekends or as part of a daily exercise routine, then a solar pool heating system offers a great way to extend the swim season with comfortably warm water at a reasonable cost. Call us today for a free no-cost evaluation.

Need service or repair work for an existing solar pool heating system? Our skilled techs maintain all types of systems. Just call!

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Solar Pool Heating System

So, how does solar pool heating work?

It’s really quite simple: By pumping your pool’s cold water through the patented solar collectors, the collectors heat the water using just the sun’s heat. That solar heated water is then pumped back into your swimming pool to give you comfortably warm water and a swim season that’s significantly extended.

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